To everyone else I have always been
an enigma;
a misunderstood given.
But you read me like the first book
I ever grazed my eyes over;
You didnโ€™t even need words to understand me.

You scared me with your love
You made it seem so natural
Like the pieces of our souls fit together
better than the perfect mold
the edges and curves of
our spines impress upon our bodies
when we hold each other

I fell in love with you the way a fawn learns
how to walk in this world
I stumbled over my own feet trying
to catch up to your love

I fell in love with you the way
I no longer can.
See, when I tried to keep up
with the pace of your love
I broke my body in an
infinite number of places;
a splinter formed for every day
you would gallop across my mind
and into the memories I never
got the chance to have with you.

you left me like a bullet wound
that wonโ€™t let me die.
that piece you left tore inside of me
itโ€™s the whole of you i cannot hide.
you tore apart my flesh
and let it scar over yourself.
you made me lose a thousand parts of myself
just to gain one part of you.
and i loved it.
I still do.

my favorite kind of broken is the way you left me, m.a.b. (via escapeintowords)